A Question of Honor by Charles Todd

Publication Date August 2013 by William Morrow. This is the 5th book in the Bess Crawford series.

Summary: It is 1918 and Bess Crawford is a British Sister, a nurse working in France during World War I. But 10 years previously she was a child living in India with her mother and her career soldier father, Colonel Crawford. One of the men in her father’s regiment, Lieutenant Wade, vanished and was the prime suspect in the murder of 5 people, two of whom were his parents. This was not only a problem for the army but also was a stain on Colonel Crawford’s outstanding reputation. But Wade was eventually reported dead in a very remote, dangerous area. A Question of Honor

Bess is working with the wounded in France when she is asked to communicate with a dying Indian sergeant. The man wants to let Colonel Crawford know that he spotted Wade in France among the enlisted men. If it is true that Wade is still alive it could have repercussions for her father. She takes it upon herself to investigate.

Comments: While enjoyable, this wasn’t my favorite entry thus far in the series. So much of the plot was highly unlikely, given the status of the people involved in the investigation. The characters were a bit flat–as if we were expected to already know them from the prior books and not gain further insight.



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