Happy National Bookmobile Day!

Although I never worked on a bookmobile, my library system did have one when I started working there. I found this photo online from 1973, the year I started working for the Anne Arundel County Public Library. The photo was taken at the Anne Arundel County Fair. Do any of my former co-workers know who is in this photo?bookmobile-library-on-wheels-28-58982a6e443c8__880

I worked on a version of a bookmobile for 12 years, the library’s Care-A-Van. We delivered books to home bound people throughout the county. This was highly personalized service. We selected books for the patrons based on their interests or their¬† specific requests. We were on the road 2-3 days a week covering a 588 square mile area.

I remember one gentleman who lived in an old slave/sharecroppers shack on a tobacco farm.  The wood slat walls were insulated with newspaper. Another patron lived on the water with sweeping views of the Chesapeake Bay. We had patrons who were temporarily disabled and some who were bedridden. I visited homes of people who had lots of friends and family and others who were very much alone. There were several patrons that we got very attached to and went to their funerals when they passed away.

Due to budgets and changing times, this service was replaced with Books By Mail, which I worked on during the transition period. While it still provides library materials and services to those who are disabled, it just isn’t the same. I feel that the patrons and the library staff were both enriched by the one-on-one community outreach services. I know I was.

Higher Authority by Stephen White

Publication Info: Paperback edition, Feb 2006 by Signet Books. (Originally published in hardcover 2004 by Viking Books. Book # 3 in the Alan Gregory series.

Higher Authority

I recently moved into an apartment building in Denver, CO, that has, among other great features, a small library. While stuck inside during Wednesday’s “bomb cyclone” snowstorm, I perused the shelves and found Higher Authority.IMG_0514

One nice thing about a random book collection is finding an author or series I’d forgotten about. I wish I’d gotten my hands on book #2 in the series, but I decided (for once) not to be persnickety about reading this series in order.

Alan Gregory isn’t the main character in this book, rather it is his girlfriend, attorney Lauren Crowder, who is featured. Lauren travels to Salt Lake City to visit an old friend, Robin Torr, to get legal help for her sister, Teresa. Teresa claims she was sexually assaulted by a prominent person and wants to bring a lawsuit against her. Although they realize this case could gather some notoriety, none of them were expecting the danger they found themselves in.

With locations in Denver, Utah and New Mexico, I was familiar with all of the settings, which added to my enjoyment of the book. I’ll have to track down more books in this series.

Highly recommended for readers of mysteries and suspense.

Library Love

One of the first things I did after moving to Denver was get a library card. Luckily, I’m in walking distance to one of Denver Public Library’s branches. I’ve already checked out an e-book and a good old fashioned print book, with holds in the queue. I can’t ever be without reading material!

Denver Library Card