Channeling Hemingway and Julia Child

I ate at a local cafe/wine bar, Della Radice, and spotted some books on the liquor shelves. They are cookbooks, which I generally avoid since I hate cooking, but they are a nice safe distance away. But they did give me a excuse for a post.

This is a wonderful neighborhood eatery-drinkery with lots of charm and great food. And there are more books scattered about. I will have to come back with a book, sip wine and pretend to be a famous writer.

Spotlight On…The Brown Booknook

Blue Stage without Words

You may be wondering what The Brown Booknook is and how it’s different from The Brown Bookloft.

The Brown Bookloft features new and nearly new fiction books. The Brown Booknook is more free form. On the Booknook, I review older titles, but the format also allows me to post whatever is on my mind within the world of books and literature, including non-fiction, short stories, articles, author interviews, bookstores, libraries, book related art and more.

Since moving do Denver, I’ve re-discovered some treasures. I’ll be posting some of these in between my reviews, along with anything other places I find in my travels.

It’s Been a While…

I haven’t posted in a while. It’s been one thing after another in my life. And now I’m in the process of doing a long-distance move, heading back to Colorado. So writing review–and even doing much reading–has taken a backseat to other activities. (Like madly cleaning out my house since December to be able to downsize!)

I also came across an article posted on BookRiot about reader burnout. Yup, I have to admit this spoke to me loud and clear. While I did have a lot going on since the holidays that took up much of my time and energy, I also suffered a bit from reading “overload”. It made me not want to read anything. I’m sure there are others of you out there who can relate.

I am a big fan of audiobooks and that has helped me through this period of reader’s slump. Books read by a friendly voice are great distractions from whatever I’m currently obsessing about as I lie awake in the night. I’m currently listening to the Spellmonger series by Terry Mancour. I’m on book number 2 and am loving the series so far.

I have started doing some reading again — familiar authors and series — the equivalent of book “comfort food” and it feels good to be getting into the reading groove again. I am currently reading the 4th installment of the Amos Decker series, The Fallen by David Baldacci. The Fallen Baldacci

The movers come Monday. I expect March will be a blur. And I’m moving into a very different lifestyle which hopefully will “upgrade” my life. But, I’m starting to feel that readers’/blogger’s itch again, so I do plan to post reviews soon again–just perhaps at a slower pace. See you soon in The Brown Bookoft, Readers!